Friday, December 12, 2008

Fun Fall Pics

I know its been forever since we've posted something! Sorry!
Its been a really busy, but fun fall for us! I've been working 40+ hours a week, going to BYU full-time, juggling a calling, traveling, etc, etc. I found out if I took full-time classes I would qualify for a full tuition scholarship, so I've been going to campus for four classes a week this whole semester, plus working full-time, and Preston has been just as busy. We're still teaching gospel doctrine in the student ward and love it! We took a fun cruise to Mexico for a week in November (I will posts some pics, I promise)! It was awesome! We also went to a couple concerts! Me and my sister went to the Kelly Clarkson and Reba McIntire concert and had a blast! Preston surprised me with tickets to the RockBand Live concert which featured 3 great bands: Dashboard Confessional, Plain White T's, and Panic at the Disco! Thanks babe, you're the best hubby!I was so excited that me and my sister and our cousin, Brit, all got to hang out together...finally!! For Halloween, I went all out with our costumes and we had a blast at a Halloween costume party, and even won the award for best costumes! I was a 60's GoGo girl, with a fake wig, fake eye lashes, leggings, the whole works! Preston was my disco king, with an afro and all! I also wore my costume to work that whole night and scared all my patients! We also had a lot of fun going to the Haunted Forest in American Fork with our friends, the Saffords, in October!! For those of you who don't know, I scare soooo easily, so it was quite the adventure...poor Preston! We finally got together with the Jennes, and had them over to our place for a little Guitar Hero/Rockband party! It was fun! Little Sammy was so cute with the microphone! Me and Preston are crazy about those games and play them all the time! My big sister went through the temple for the first time in November (she's now on her mission!), so that was a good experience, and it was great to see my family when they came down for it! I will get to posting some cruise pics soon!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I've been Tagged.

Thanks to my friend, Aubree, I've been tagged! For those of you who don't know, Aubree and I were good friends while growing up together in Kennewick, WA. We had some crazy times together, like the time we were 15, and my parents were out of town, and we drove their suburban, without licenses, to a movie together, I believe the movie was the Wedding Planner. My parents never found out, so its all good, unless of course they're reading my blog right now! HAHA! But, we also had a lot of good times together, like going to girl's camp, stake dances, chasing boys together, etc....Now Aubree is married, too, and lives in Idaho with her hubby and baby boy.

8 favorite TV shows...
1.)One Tree Hill
2.)Gossip Girl
5.) ER
6.) American Idol
7.)So you think you can Dance
8.) Gilmore Girls

8 things I did yesterday:
1.) Worked a night shift~did a few blood draws, hung some IV's, passed medications, flushed PEG tubes, did 5 straight catheterizations for Urinary analysis, did oodles of charting, gave a few injections, and so much more! All in a Nurse's night of work.
2.) Finished writing a 4 page paper for my childhood social development class
3.) Went to my SFL 340 class, family meal management, on campus and cooked some yummy food
4.)Worked out at Gold's Gym~Did the elliptical machine, ab circuit, and even went to Yoga class
5.) Went Tanning~I can't be white on a beach in Cabo next week, now can I?????
6.) Went to a Relief Society activity, learned about cooking for the holidays, and got some great recipe ideas.
7.) Shopped at the mall for cruise attire! Got some new swimsuits, shorts, tanks, and flip flops!
8.) Took a nap! After working and staying up all night, plus my overly scheduled day, I had to squeeze in a nap somewhere! I even had some time left over to squeeze in some quality time with my sweet hubby! =)

8 Things I look forward to:
1.) Cuddling with my husband
2.) Our 6 day cruise next week through Mexico!
3.) Christmas with my family this year!
4.)Going to New York, New York--this Spring!!! Wahoo!
5.) Going back to Europe with Preston, hopefully next year! Maybe Paris this time???!!
6.)Having a family with Preston someday. We aren't planning on trying for a few more years, but its still something I'm looking forward to.
7.)Saving a patient's life.
8.) Riding around in my red convertible, with the top off of course, on a beautiful hot and sunny Summer day! One of my favorite things to do!

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1.) Tucanos
2.) Bajios
3.)Market street grill
5.)Macaroni Grill
6.)Thai Chille Gardens
8.)California Pizza Kitchen

* Write six random things/unspectacular quirks about yourself
1.) I own over 100 pairs of shoes--its the truth! They've all been bought within the last 5 years even.
2.)I love working night shifts. This way I get a king size bed to all myself when I come home to sleep! Haha, but of course working nights makes me miss my hubby, a lot!
3.)I actually enjoy poking people with needles. I get an adrenaline rush every time I start an IV, and hit the vein and see the blood in the IV catheter!! I'm crazy, I know!
4.) I'm in love with Matthew McConaughey. He's pretty much my old man fantasy!
5.)I love interior design and decorating our home! I've taken a few classes at BYU, and really love it. I'll have to post some pics of our decor.
6.) I have my own big master bathroom all to myself! All my life, I've wanted my own bathroom, but growing up with 4 sisters, this was hard to come by! So, I had to get married to have my own bathroom! Preston doesn't like my hair all over in the shower (I have long curly hair on my head, I can't help it!), or my makeup, lotion, hair products, etc, cluttering up all the counter space, and I hate his whiskers everywhere, especially in the sink! So, he uses the guest bathroom/shower down the hall! I really got a great deal! Now, if only I could figure out a way to get his stuff out of our walk-in closet too, so I can have it all to myself, and get him to use one of the closets in one of the spare bedrooms..... okay, so this is going too far I'm afraid, I must stop before we end up in separate houses! AHH!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hooray! Its Finally Fall!

I love the fall!! Its cool and crisp outside, the air smells so good, plus there's football, school, and cornmazes!!! I posted some pics from the last BYU football game!And BYU is now 6-0, go Cougars!!!!
I went to Cornbellys out at Thanksgiving Point yesterday with
my work friends, and we had so much fun! We got lost in the corn maze, and couldn't find our way out no matter which way we went, so we had to take the emergency exit!! Not something I'm too proud of! I made everyone go on the cow ride because me and Preston went on it last year when we were out there,and its just so silly,but fun!! We went through the haunted lizard (I have a soar throat from screaming), and then jumped on the jump-on-it mattress and play with the dress-up wigs! I even went face first down a rolling slide! Lindsay made us stay and watch piglets race, which was actually quite humorous. I felt like a little kid, but had way fun! Thanks for a great afternoon you guys!!!!! Can't wait for the haunted forest next!!! AHHHH!!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What Happens in Vegas.....

.....stays in vegas. Okay, so we weren't too naughty, but had a fun vaca! We went to a couple of shows, layed by the pool, saw a million wedding chapels, slept in, shopped, hit up roller coasters, walked the strip a few times, went to all the cool hotels Excalibur, Monte Carlo, New York New York, the Paris, the Venetian, Treasure Island, MGM grand, the Mirage, the Belagio, the Sahara, etc. We'd stay out until 2 am every night, the night life was so crazy, and would then sleep in until like 11. We stayed at the Hilton Las Vegas(it pays to have a hubby in the hotel business), which was really nice, and took the monorail everywhere for fast traveling! We ate at some fancy restaurants, my favorite one was at the venetian, and another good one was at the top of the Eifel Tower inside the Paris, it had a nice view! We had to eat at some of the famous "vegas buffets" for basically, we ate a lot! We went on the crazy roller coaster at the New York New York at like midnight one night, and it was so fun even thought I was scared silly, especially since could see the whole strip as you were being hung upside down!!!We went to the top of the Stratosphere, also a great view, and road some more rides up there, which were quite scary i must say! I was so happy to get to shop at the miracle mile shops, some really good shopping! We saw the siren show at treasure island, and the fountains show at the Belagio. We went to Phantom of the Opera, which was awesome!!!! Its definately my favorite broadway! The last time I saw it I was in London, and I was hooked! Preston really loved it too! We also went to David Copperfield, a famous magician/illusionist, at the MGM Grand, and left speechless and stunned...what an AMAZING show he does!!! So, we didn't want to come home! We had felt like we were thousands of miles away from home, in a whole different world, so it was a great getaway! Just relaxing and fun, no worries about work or school to distract us from playing hard!! We are already making plans for another vegas spin soon! So here are our pics from sin city.........