Friday, July 9, 2010

Gotta love Summer!

On our trip to Chicago!

Preston, my uncle, and my dad in downtown chicago

Preston and my dad walking around downtown

I love Chicago

The men walking around

Me, my uncle, my dad in Chicago

Hanging out with some of my work friends

With my friend Monica before she moved to floridaa

Me and Rachel dancing

Lounging on the couch watching tv

Scrubs and Preston's arm!

Preston lounging around!

We're enjoying a great summer at the Nate household! Preston loves his summer job at the Marriot hotel and I love that he's not stressed about law school! We've been able to see and do a lot of new things and just relax and have fun! We've been going to the beach almost every weekend! There are so many beaches along Lake Michigan's shoreline that we can go to a different one every time! My dad came to visit us in June! It was fun to see him and show him our new house and dog! He flew into Chicago so we went down there to pick him up and got to hang out with my uncle that lives there! Of course we had to go out to eat some famous Chicago-style deep dish was so good! Chicago is only 3 hours from here, so I'm already planning a trip back! We also showed my dad around Grand Rapids, went to museums, to meijer gardens (I loved their Chihuly exhibit...check out all the cool glass sculptures!), and of course we had to play a round of golf (my dad's favorite thing to do!) This is definitely my favorite time of year here, its so green and beautiful in Michigan during the summer! We hope all our friends & families are having a great summer too!

With my dad at mejier gardens chihuly exhibit

Preston and the beaver...oops I was focused too much on the beaver and cut preston out!

We looked so little next to the big horse statue

I think this was my favorite glass sculpture of the exhibit

This sculpture was a close 2nd place

Preston being silly

So pretty, I loved the Chihuly exhibit!

My dad loved our dog (he has one just like her)!

Playing fetch on the beach

We love Lake Michigan!

Look at those cute little backsides!

His is my favorite backside though ;)

Having fun in the water

My sexy hubby... woot woot!

Running along the beach

Having lots of fun

Preston loves to dress scrubs in his clothes!