Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Summer Happenings

This would have been good pic of me, except for the guy in the background (my bro in-law)! Hooray for lots of boating!!!

Preston with his dad and brother on the boat.

Prest thought it was funny my outfit matched our car

doing what I do best on the boat.....eating! haha!

Jord and Prest...U of U vs. BYU!

Me and my sweetie

Preston Chillin on the boat

Andrea plowing through the water on her wakeboard

Lots of Boarding!

Preston boarding

Preston being crazy jumping off the tube!

Me and Prest on the tube


Preston trying to stand on it!

We love boating so much!!!

Me and some my old co-workers at Sarah's Baby shower! Courtney, Sarah, Alisa, Andrea

Doing the YMCA dance!

Me, Sarah, and Dean (our old manager at the laundry room)

Pics from our fun camping trip! Preston being a dork!

My cutie chilling at the campsite!

Building a fire! What a good little eagle scout!

At our campsite

Preston roasting marshmallows!

Pitching the tent!

A deer walked right up to us!

Yeah for KFC!

Excited for some yummy s'mores!

This is how I chop wood......

.....and this is how Preston does it!

Our good suv

Pics from our Michigan trip!
Prest by Lake Michigan!

Playing in the sand!

Lake Michigan = Huge! and very Windy!

Andrea + Preston =)

Preston trying to be a rapper!

Prest with the astronaut statue!

Gerald R. Ford Museum. Michigan is all about FORD.

Preston posing for a pic!

In front of the fountain

Walking around Grand Rapids!

They have a lot of cute churches in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

We ate at some yummy restaurants!!

My cutie in our hotel room!

Downtown Grand Rapids