Saturday, May 21, 2011

Almost 28 WEEKS!

28 weeks almost!!!

Before going to a friend's wedding!

27 weeks!

Out at lake Michigan

Grand Haven kite festival

Eating lunch at the beach

The Dutch dancers at the Tulip festival

At Tulip days festival in Holland

Top of the ferris wheel! (the one ride I snuck onto! shh!)

On another ride at the carnival

Prest was the only person on this ride! Can you see him?

Our new kitty named Chip

Cute little guy looking out the window

I caught the kids getting into the pantry! So naughty! They love to play together & are so much fun!

I can't believe I'm 28 weeks pregnant already! Time is flying by now! We've kept busy with work and school! Prest officially finished his 2nd year of law school & now has less than a year until he's a law school graduate! I'm so proud of my hubby & all his hard work! I'm still working at my nursing manager job, but am looking forward to going on maternity leave in July! It will be so nice to have 3 months off so I can be with my baby! We went out to the Tulip festival in Holland last Friday! Prest got to ride the carnival rides but I couldn't go on them since I'm preggo (except I hid my belly & snuck onto the ferris wheel!). Last weekend we also went to my friend Becky's wedding downtown & I got to hang out with all my work buddies, which was awesome! This weekend we went out to Lake Michigan for the Grand Haven Kite Festival & ate lunch at a restaurant on the beach! Too bad the water was too cold to swim in though! Well, I can't believe this baby will be here in less than 3 months now! Let the countdown begin!