Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hooray! Its Finally Fall!

I love the fall!! Its cool and crisp outside, the air smells so good, plus there's football, school, and cornmazes!!! I posted some pics from the last BYU football game!And BYU is now 6-0, go Cougars!!!!
I went to Cornbellys out at Thanksgiving Point yesterday with
my work friends, and we had so much fun! We got lost in the corn maze, and couldn't find our way out no matter which way we went, so we had to take the emergency exit!! Not something I'm too proud of! I made everyone go on the cow ride because me and Preston went on it last year when we were out there,and its just so silly,but fun!! We went through the haunted lizard (I have a soar throat from screaming), and then jumped on the jump-on-it mattress and play with the dress-up wigs! I even went face first down a rolling slide! Lindsay made us stay and watch piglets race, which was actually quite humorous. I felt like a little kid, but had way fun! Thanks for a great afternoon you guys!!!!! Can't wait for the haunted forest next!!! AHHHH!!!!