Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Lovin

Working on my boating tan!

My cutie driving the boat!

Summer is here and that means boating! YEAH!

Prest showing off his guns.

My mad wakeboarding skills! Concentrating hard!

I got up on my first try! Wahoo!

Preston kneeboarding!

Preston and Jordan on the tube!

Hanging at the Orem Owlz game! We love baseball!!

Prest making funny faces!

Prest on the drums!

Preston loves the drums and is amazing on them!

On the airplan ride at Lagoon!

Kisses on the roller coaster!

Celebrating our 3 yr anniversary at Lagoon!

Preston's favorite roller coaster, Wicked!

Hanging out at Lagoon
On the tilt-a-whirl
My favorite roller coaster, the Spider.

Preston on the swings!

Playing Rock Band at the Nates

Me and Jenn at the Rodeo!

Preston at the Rodeo

Hanging out at home
We're excited that its finally summer and actually warm outside! We love the fact that we're done with school and both able to work a lot and play hard! We celebrated our 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY on JUNE 3rd! We went to Lagoon and then out to dinner in Salt Lake! We got to hang out with our friends, Jake and Jenn, a couple of times already! Last week we went to the Pleasant Grove Rodeo with them! Rodeos are hilarious, I love em! We also got to hang out with our friends the Eberts, Brian and Katherine, up at there place in Salt Lake! It was great to finally see them again! We just got back from our ward barbecue and the Orem Owlz baseball game! Both were fun, except the Owlz got killed! We love baseball! We got to go boating last week, which felt so good! I'm glad were able to board and tube! I did really good on the wakeboard! I got up on my first try, jumped the wake several times, and only had to scream "cut" after what seemed like forever because my arms were sooo tired! It was FUN! So, most all our friends and family already know this, but we're officially moving to MICHIGAN at the end of the summer! Preston had to decide which law school he wanted to attend by the end of June, and so its been decided! We're going there next month to look for jobs, and HOUSES! Wahoo! We'll miss our family and friends in Utah, but are excited to be starting a new chapter of our life! Michigan, here we come!