Friday, April 24, 2009


We're now BYU Alumni! We both graduated!I got a BS in Family Life, & Prest a double major BA in Poli Sci and Russian! It feels amazing to have accomplished something & see our hard work pay off! It was good to see our fams, I'm so glad my dad got to come! We got to eat at Olive Garden & McGrath's, two of my favs! I wore heels & almost tripped walking off the stage! You'd have thought I'd learned better, since the same thing happened at my nursing school graduation 2 yrs ago! We were also able to visit my big sis on temple square where she's serving a mission. It was great! Prest's fam had a fun graduation party for us! It was fun to see everyone! Thanks to everyone for your love & support, & the gifts! We had snow on April 16th! I thought we'd be graduating in the snow! So, I'm an old fart now! I'm officially 23! I had a fun b-day, Prest gave me some shirts, Twilight on blueray & the soundtrack, & $100 gift certificate to a day spa! He took me out to eat at Chef's Table, it was so good! My fam sent me some cute shirts & jewelry, & Prest's fam gave me a new purse with matching flip flops! Now we're so excited for vacations, boating (wakeboarding!), our tennis league, & to work, play, & have fun this summer!
In our kitchen on my b-day, April 10th, with gifts from Prest!
Everyone at temple square
Visiting my big sis on her mission!
The graduation cake mom made us!
Preston and his mom
In our den studying hard for finals!
Preston and his dad
At our graduation party BBQ
Being silly
Opening a graduation present
Still trying to open it.....
A marble Christus statue, so beautiful!
Preston and Jordan
What the heck?! Snow on April 16th?!