Friday, February 1, 2008

Random Pics

Well, January is nearing an end. It has come and gone so fast! We are staying busy, busy, busy with work, school. and all our activities! The winter semester is well under way, and things are going great for the both of us! Here are a lot of older, random pics we decided to add. They range from back when we were dating, to the honeymoon days on our Caribbean cruise, and our first year of marriage. Since we've only had our blog since December, we are trying to play catch up with posting pictures. Some of these pics are so old and goofy they make us laugh when we look at them! Its fun to look back on the early days of our relationship, and remember why we fell in love and got married! So here is to our memories, and many more to come......
At our old apartment....first Christmas together
Right outside our cabin on our cruise ship.

The cool mini golf course they had on the very top of the ship.

One of several airbrush tattoos I had done

At the beach

Swimming with the sting rays!!!

Docked in the Bahamas on a beautiful day.

The Atlantis Resort Hotel in the Bahamas. We
took a speed boat out to it, it went super fast!

Pics from the Virgin Islands! My favorite
place on the whole cruise! I think its even
prettier than hawaii! I loved the warm water
and nice sand, and the green scenery was just
gorgeous! Can't wait to go back!

We had to dress up every night to eat dinner
in the fancy dining room, it was fun though
and we sure ate a lot! Since it was all just
included in the original cost why not?
Margaritaville in Puerto Rico
I look tiny in comparison to our gigantic cruise ship! This was taken on the island of Grand Turk. The water was so clear and so warm!
When we were dating we went to a costume party and Preston was assigned to dress up like Jack Sparrow and he even let me put eyeliner on him! My hoop earing kept falling off his ear though.
We had a lot of fun for those few months we were dating.
Preston jammin on his guitar at his old place. Something that made me fall in love with him, along with his drumming skills too
As you can probably tell I don't play the guitar , as I am totally holding it all wrong. It was fun to pretend though. Apparantly Preston thought it was pretty cute.

Snowy Football in October!

Dad and Judie came down in October for the weekend for my nursing school graduation, and went to a BYU football game with us.... It ended up snowing! These pictures have me, preston, my big sis Beth, Judie, and my Dad! Its was a lot of fun. They day started out without a cloud in the sky, sunny and warm, and ended up like this! Crazy fall weather in Utah I guess! I love the huge snowflake that is like right in front of my eye! We love BYU football and don't miss a home game! Preston is like a BYU football fanatic, he totally bleeds blue, and will always drag me along with him, buts its all good, I love it too. I will still have to find some pics from the U of U game to post, since we won it this year!