Friday, January 30, 2009

Mexican Cruise Pix

I'm FINALLY getting around to posting pictures from our Cruise back in November! I'm so behind in my blogging! We cruised Monday to Saturday along the Mexican Baja Peninsula and it was absolutely gorgeous! It was sunny and 90 degrees! A perfect relaxation from work and school! We took Carnival Cruise line again because we'd had a great experience with them on our Carribean Cruise! The only bad part of the trip was that I got sick on the airplane, but felt great as soon as we landed in San Diego! I have family down there so we got to see my aunt, uncle and cousins, and hang out with them a little bit, too! It was nice just to lay out on the decks of the ship catching some rays and reading our books! No homework or talk of school or work was allowed! Its fun to dress up every night to eat in the fancy dining rooms! We even made friends with the couple at our table who were on their honeymoon! She was a nurse and he was a paramedic so we had a lot in common! Preston was excited that the waitress was from Russia so he could speak in Russian with her! We loved all the towel critters the crew made for us every night while we were at dinner. We had fun on our off shore excursions and took city tours, went to the blow hole in Ensenada, went snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas at Paradise Bay and saw a lot of beautiful fish and saw a giant sword fish, and lots of seal and other wildlife on our small boat tour of land's end, also called "Los Arcos" or simply "the arches!" We got to eat lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Cabo! We actually ate REAL Mexican food at some of the other ports, which was much different and much better than Americanized Mexican food! SO good and spicy!! We played mini golf on the top sports deck on the cruise ship and I totally beat Preston!We even broke down and got airbrush tattoos again! We LOVE cruises! We're planning on taking another one this year, but probably to a different area of the world! We love traveling together and seeing new places!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Some Holiday Cheer!!!!

We hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas and Happy New Year! We had 2 weeks off from school and spent the first week with my fam in North Dakota. We went ice skating, sledding, shopping, and to a few movies with them, Bedtime Stories and Yes Man, which were both really good! We went to my Mom's on Christmas morning and she gave us some great decorative items for our home, clothes, and some bath stuff. We spent the rest of the day with Dad and Judie. They gave me some really nice jewelry,perfume, religious CDs, a digital picture frame, and of!!!! All sets of Grandparents sent good sums of money this year, too, so we feel very blessed! Even Judie's family sent us stuff this year...we were like, "who's Grandma and Grandpa Pearson?" Haha. So that was really nice of them!! Preston gave me a lot of clothes from Aeropostale, some fun scrapbooking stuff, a couple new pairs of boots (yay!), some new ski gear, and best of all...A New Keyboard! He was really creative in the way he gave it to me since he couldn't take it up there! I gave him a lot of clothes for winter, and.....A New Guitar!! So we've been having so much fun recording some songs together, since the keyboard can do a lot of cool stuff like that! We had to come back to Utah for the 2nd week of break, since we both had to go back to work (bummer), but we were able to spend New Years with Preston's fam, which was great! We saw a few movies with them as well, 7 Pounds and Valkyrie, I highly recommend both! We had Christmas with them on New Years eve! They got me some jewelry, a jewelry box (a very nice one!), a statue of the Salt Lake Temple, new bed pillows, pajamas, a genealogy poster chart, food storage stuff, and best of all.......a spanking nice GPS! We love it! So, the holidays were great this year! Sometimes its fun to get 3 Christmases, but its also sad because it reminds me my parents are divorced. Before Christmas, we went up to Salt Lake to temple square, with Preston's fam, and saw all the lights and ate at The Roof Restaurant, a Nate family tradition! So, that's what we've been up to! Hope all is well with all our friends and family! We love you all! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!