Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Splashing into Summer!

  1.) My adorable little Packer turned a year old on the 4th of July! I still can't believe that my precious baby boy was born a year ago. He was only 3 lbs at birth & is now 23 lbs. He is the light of my life, and the apple of my eye. I don't remember life without him. I love being this boy's mommy...
Birthday boy!
Look at the difference from birth to one year!
Love him to pieces...
Birthday smash fun!
  2.) Preston graduated from Law School back in May. He has landed a great job at a local law firm here in Grand Rapids, the same firm he interned at. I could not be more proud of my amazing hubby. He has worked so hard for so long! I love you, babe!
Packer wearing daddy's graduation hat
So excited to be a law school graduate!
Love my honey...who is now an attorney!
Prest with his proud parents
With his huge law school diploma!
Graduation BBQ with friends!
Graduation banner!!
  3.) Grandma and Grandpa came to visit for daddy's graduation, and packer had so much fun with them. We have also stayed busy this spring/summer going to the zoo (bought an annual pass..woohoo), beaches, parks, festivals, playing with friends, swimming at the community center, etc, etc. We love this time of year!
Riding on daddy's shoulders 
Fun with Mommy and Gramps at the Zoo
Hanging out with daddy and the flamingos
Good times with Grammy and Gramps!!
 He loved to jump in this thing..too bad it only lasted a few months!
"Mommy's little bunny" on easter.
Swimming at the community center is a blast!
Adventure awaits while shopping with a 9 month old
Just a goof ball!
My little bear at 8 months old!
With his big bear named Buddy!
Chuck-E-Cheese is a scary mouse!
Rides in the shopping cart!
8 months old at the Zoo for the first time!
#Tulip Festival in #Holland
Fun with daddy at the beach! #MilleniumPark
This boy loves to swing!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Travels. Utah. Dakota. Family.

1.) I'm terrible at keeping up with this blog!
Between being a full-time nurse & mom its hard...
How do all you moms find the time to blog?
Well, we went out to Utah for our annual trip.
Preston's brother finally got married..woohoo!
We had a great time visiting with all our family.
Packer got to meet everyone, even great grandparents!

My two cute boys at the precious!

All the girls! (and packer..)

Packer with daddy and grandma

Me and Packer with the aunts/sisters-in-law

This baby carrier saved us in the airports

Baby's first Christmas! Packer with his stocking

Packer and Preston eating lunch at Olive Garden

With my little guy at the Olympic oval

The men ice skating!

All bundled up to go play in the snow at grandma and grandpas!

Our little family ice skating together!

My little sisters, Megan and Hannah, meeting their nephew for the 1st time!

Megan, Hannah, me, mom, Bob, Hayden, Preston

Chillin at grandma and grandpas house with the big bear!
The line at the reception

Being grumpy...
Preston, Packer, and aunt Steph at the reception

2.) Packer and I continued to travel.
We flew to South Dakota in February
We had a nice visit with my family for a week.
I was so anxious about traveling alone with a baby.
But Packer was so good on all the flights!
He even got his own seat!
For those who don't know....
My dad and step mom had a baby girl a few months ago.
So, I have a little sister who's is younger than my son.
And Packer has an aunt Rachel who he is older than.
It was so nice to finally meet her!
She is so cute and so sweet!
Her and Packer are going to be great friends!

My dad with the kiddos

Packer with his aunt Rachel (and aunt Alyssa)

My dad, Judie, Rachel, Packer

The whole clan in South Dakota. Love all my sisters!

Packer got his own seat on the airplane and was so good!

too. fun. love. family.

3.) Obsessed mother.
Yep, that's what I am now.
I take several pics of my baby on a daily basis
So, this is just a FRACTION that I've taken.
My cute little Packer...

love. him.

4.) Here are 5 month pics I took of Packer in December.
I took them in our backyard before we raked the leaves.
I have never been much of a photographer.
So, I was quite happy with how they turned out!
I edited them with my awesome new digital camera.
I may feel a new hobby coming on...