Friday, September 2, 2011

Our Precious Baby Boy, Packer!

Poor little guy after his 2 month shots! So traumatizing!

Our adorable baby boy! playing with daddy!

Our 1st family picture!

Our little potato bug!

Laying on daddy's chest

Our little miracle baby

Going for our 1st walk around our neighborhood

Daddy pushing the stroller

Preston and Packer. The two loves of my life.

Mommy's little cutie pie!

Little sleeping Packer

So precious!

Being so good in his bouncer while mommy makes dinner

He loves his little bear

Packer sleeping! He's such a good baby!!

We love going for walks around our neighborhood!

Such a cute little guy

Packer loves sleeping in his car seat!

Packer and Grandma Nate. Aka "Grammy Pammy"

Packer and Grandpa Nate!

He always sleeps with his arms up like this!

Now that our little guy is 2 months old....I'm finally posting pics of him! Life is so crazy with a baby, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Packer is our little miracle baby--we're so glad he's here with us and finally got to come home after being in the hospital for 5 weeks! Packer arrived early and unexpectedly on the 4th of July! He weighed only 3 lbs! I was on bedrest for severe pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure that causes pregnancy induced seizures) for a few weeks prior, and started having severe back pain. I finally gave in and called my OB who said I should go straight to the hospital. Sure enough, my blood pressure was through the roof (200/120) and my placenta had started to abrupt (tear away from the the uterine wall, causing severe internal bleeding and fetal depression). I had to have an emergency c-section. When Packer came out he wasn't breathing and didn't have a heart rate. His apgar score was 0. The Dr said there were no signs of life at birth. SO SCARY. After being resuscitated for 3 minutes Packer's heart started beating and they were able to intubate him to help him breath. WHAT A MIRACLE. I also got really sick after I delivered. I lost so much blood from the abruption that I had to have 2 blood transfusions! My preeclamsia became toxemia and caused my kidneys to start failing and I almost had to go on dialysis! To top it all off, after a week in the hospital my right leg started to hurt, and sure enough...I had a blood clot! What else could go wrong?! But it was all worth it to have our little baby boy! He's been home for a few weeks now and couldn't be doing better! He weighs 7 lbs now and is a little angel! I love being a momma! Its also been nice to have family visiting! We love our little guy so much and are so excited to have our little family all together! Life is good!
Packer and my dad--Grandpa Garry!

1st Grandkid!

The day Packer came home..Happiest day of my Life!!

Look at those cute pudgy cheeks!

Daddy so excited!

All ready for the ride home

Saying goodbye to our favorite NICU nurse, Rhonda

Packer's last day in the NICU!

Me and my baby at 2 weeks old!

Mommy and Packer Snuggling!

My two sweet boys

3 pounds of joy! can't believe he was so little!

Sitting on mommy's lap and smiling :)

Sunbathing baby trying to get rid of his jaundice

Aww..daddy and son

My last prego pic, just a few days before he was born

The night Packer was born, so tiny!!