Sunday, March 13, 2011


Visiting my family in South Dakota!!

Emily, Me, Hannah, Kasia, & Caitlin!

All my little sisters! Megan, Alyssa, Emily, Hannah, Caitlin, Kasia!

Family Christmas picture!

Our dog always sneaks her way into the picture!

Me and my friend Kai at our work party!

Kai, Me, Rachel

Ready to go to the Ward Christmas Party!

Me and Prest...cheese!

My 15 week belly!

Well, now that I'm almost 19 weeks along, I guess I should announce we're PREGNANT!! My period was two weeks late, so I took a pregnancy test back on Christmas eve and it was negative! So about 2 weeks later, I was over a month late, so I took another test and it was POSITIVE! We went to the doctor and sure enough I was almost 10 weeks along! They said I must have gotten a false negative the 1st time (yes, I do know how to read a pregnancy test!). Shortly after finding out the morning sickness hit and laste up until about 17 weeks. BLEH! I told Preston that we aren't having anymore kids because I never want to be that sick again!! I'm due in AUGUST, and we find out next week what we're having! As long as the baby is healthy, and I don't end up having twins, then we'll be more than happy!! Well, I will definitely post again when we find out what we're having! UNTIL THEN!