Friday, March 26, 2010

Winter Pictures!

Preston being silly listening to his rap music!

Excited to open our "big" Christmas presents!!

Yeah!!...New Golf Clubs!!!!!!

With Preston's family, and extended family, on our Christmas Vacation in Utah!

Christmas toe socks!

Preston wearing the new sweatshirt I gave him.

Playing pool at Preston's parents house....

Sinking another shot! :)

Say Cheese!

Christmas Kisses! I love Preston Udell Nate.

On Christmas Eve! Preston had a black eye from playing church basketball, but we told everyone it was because I punched him for leaving the toilet seat up again...ha!

This was probably the last time I held our puppy....

Our cute puppy...she' getting so big!

Doing what I do best...talking on my phone!

Out to dinner with work friends! They're a fun bunch!

My new kitchen table!

New Kitchen table....again...

Okay, so I'm obsessed with our new table!

Preston and little Scrubs....

They are such good buds!

She loves her tennis ball!

Scrubs chewing on Preston's shoe!

Excited about getting Beauty & the Beast tickets!

Stuff I got from Preston for Valentines Day.

At Beauty & the Beast the musical!

Our puppy playing in the snow! She is such a sweet puppy.

Scrubs learned how to shake! I got so excited!

Reading a book about puppy/dog training...I'm really not sure if its helping or not.....

Preston on his 26th Birthday! He's an old man now...hehe...

Just hanging out at home!

Preston on our daytrip to Holland!

In downtown Holland (no, not the country, just a cute Michigan town!).

Prest holding Scrubs for the last time...she's too big now...

All bundled up for another cold winter day!

Sweet kisses from my sexy hubby!

I'm finally posting winter pictures now that its spring! Oh well, better late than never, right?! We survived our 1st Michigan winter, all the crazy snow storms, & having a foot of snow on the ground for months on end! It finally all melted this week & its so nice to be able to see the grass in our yard again! It was nice out today so we actually went golfing with our new golf clubs! It was fun to play outside for a change! We were fortunate enough to be able to fly out to Utah to visit family for Christmas vacation! It was a lot of fun! Preston is finishing up his 2nd semester of Law school! He will be taking classes this summer semester so can finish earlier=)! My nursing supervisor job is going really well! I've been quite busy this month with doing all of my employees annual performance evaluation interviews! It was a little scary at first because I was scared of telling people their weaknesses, but I think I'm getting the hang of it & I've realized its okay as long as I focus on their strengths! Preston celebrated his 26th birthday in January! Of course I've been having to make fun of him for being such an old fart! I guess its pretty mean of me since I'm 23 & just a few years behind him! We had a fun Valentines Day & Preston gave me tickets to the Broadway Beauty & the Beast in Chicago! It was amazing! I also got a new kitchen table that fills out our dining room better & even seats 6 people & can expand to fit 8! It also has the cool barstool chairs that are soooo...nice! Our puppy is getting so big & she is just as fun & cute as ever! We've been taking her to puppy classes & she has learned a lot of new tricks! We bought a Gym membership & have taken up swimming there! Its so funny because we even got speedos, goggles, & swimming caps so we look all professional....haha!! We hope all our friends & family are doing great! Come visit us in Michigan this summer!!!!