Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tis the season....for puppy love.

If you can't tell by all the pics, we are pretty much obsessed with our puppy! She's so cute, & getting so big, I can barely pick her up anymore! She loves to chase after the neighbor kids & eat anything she can get her mouth around! She really loves her baths! We've taught her how to "sit", how to NOT BITE, & how to pee on her puppy training pads when she's in the house, instead of all over my beautiful carpet! The first few weeks I had to follow her around the house with a bottle of Resolve! We are still loving the house, yard, garage, & not having people living above or below us anymore! So, the snow has officially came to Michigan, & there is A LOT of it! Everyone tells me it stays all winter through April without ever melting! AHHH!!! Well, Preston loved his first semester of law school & did very well!! My nursing job is still plugging along! Nursing management is a lot differnt than being a floor nurse, so I'm learning a lot! Preston's fam flew out & stayed at our house for a week for Thanksgiving, which was awesome! Now we're back in Utah for a week for Christmas vacation! Its nice to have a break from work & school!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!!!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I think its time I update our blog....

Me and the newest member of our family!!!
Our new yellow lab puppy, Scrubs! She's so playful!
Awww, cute puppy!
Scrubs sleeping!
Me and my little baby girl! Such a sweet puppy!
Preston and Scrubs
Scrubs sleeping on Preston's legs! She's adorable.
Scrubs playing with her toys
Her cute little puppy face!
Preston playing on the floor with the puppy
Mowing our lawn the 1st time with our new mower!

My 1st day of work at my new nurse manager job!
All excited just before running the Michigan 5K

Prest all tuckered out after running the 5K
After running the 5K, with our medals
Me and Jenn at bowling before we left for Michigan
Preston and Jake at the Bowling alley
Preston driving our big moving truck!
With our moving truck on our way to Michigan!
Me and Prest at Seven Peaks over the summer
Me and my little sister golfing in Seattle!
My little sister Alyssa and little cousin Marcus
With some of my sisters in Seattle!
Me and my Dad on the family hike in Mt. Baker, Wa
Me and Prest on the hike
Preston in West Yellowstone
4 wheelin baby! Me and Preston on our double 4 wheeler!
Preston going on a bike ride
I didn't crash or get injured on the 4 wheelers this year!!!
Preston drinking a coke & white water rafting!
Preston with his dad and sister
Me and Preston at Mesa Falls
Me at Mesa Falls
Peace baby.....silly preston
Everyone roasting S'mores (except me!)
We did a little biking on our trips
Prest on the dock
Me and Preston at the cabin with his funny long johns on!
Preston bought some funny shorts that said "going commando"!
Me and Steph shopping in West Yellowstone

Well, I haven't blogged in what seems like forever!!! We have been in Michigan for 2 months already! We are LOVING it! We love our new house, its a lot of fun, and I think we are finally all unpacked and have everything decorated! Its so beautiful and green here and we are right on the Grand River and right by beautiful Lake Michigan! We love having new things to do and new places to explore! This area is huge and we're always getting lost, thank goodness for our GPS! This area is about the size of Salt lake valley and Utah valley combined!(for those of you in Utah), but we don't have the mountains as a reference point anymore, so I never know what direction I'm going! Another exciting thing...we just got a new little puppy! She's a yellow lab and her name is Scrubs! She's so cute and a lot of fun! So far I am loving my job as a nurse manager! Its nice to finally have a nursing job where I don't have to work nights, weekends, or holidays! Me and Prest are finally on the same schedule! Preston is loving Law school and is doing great and studies all the time! We ran in a 5K together a few weekends ago and it was a lot of fun! We both got good times! Our goal was to get under 30 minutes! I posted some pics of our August vacations when we went up to Seattle for my family reunion for my grandparents 50th anniversary, and from when we went to Island Park, Idaho with Preston's family! Well, we hope everyone is doing well! I promise I will try to start blogging more frequently! Until next time!!