Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What Happens in Vegas.....

.....stays in vegas. Okay, so we weren't too naughty, but had a fun vaca! We went to a couple of shows, layed by the pool, saw a million wedding chapels, slept in, shopped, hit up roller coasters, walked the strip a few times, went to all the cool hotels Excalibur, Monte Carlo, New York New York, the Paris, the Venetian, Treasure Island, MGM grand, the Mirage, the Belagio, the Sahara, etc. We'd stay out until 2 am every night, the night life was so crazy, and would then sleep in until like 11. We stayed at the Hilton Las Vegas(it pays to have a hubby in the hotel business), which was really nice, and took the monorail everywhere for fast traveling! We ate at some fancy restaurants, my favorite one was at the venetian, and another good one was at the top of the Eifel Tower inside the Paris, it had a nice view! We had to eat at some of the famous "vegas buffets" for basically, we ate a lot! We went on the crazy roller coaster at the New York New York at like midnight one night, and it was so fun even thought I was scared silly, especially since could see the whole strip as you were being hung upside down!!!We went to the top of the Stratosphere, also a great view, and road some more rides up there, which were quite scary i must say! I was so happy to get to shop at the miracle mile shops, some really good shopping! We saw the siren show at treasure island, and the fountains show at the Belagio. We went to Phantom of the Opera, which was awesome!!!! Its definately my favorite broadway! The last time I saw it I was in London, and I was hooked! Preston really loved it too! We also went to David Copperfield, a famous magician/illusionist, at the MGM Grand, and left speechless and stunned...what an AMAZING show he does!!! So, we didn't want to come home! We had felt like we were thousands of miles away from home, in a whole different world, so it was a great getaway! Just relaxing and fun, no worries about work or school to distract us from playing hard!! We are already making plans for another vegas spin soon! So here are our pics from sin city.........

Friday, September 5, 2008

More Summer Pics...Jackson Hole and Yellowstone, Island Park Cabin Trip, BYU Football , Labor day, back to school

I decided I'd post something again, give Andrea a break!
Well, summer is over, school started this week. It was nice to just work full time over the summer, and not worry about school! It was fun to relax on a few vacations, too Here are pics from Jackson, with Andrea's fam. We went white water rafting, which was a lot of fun I must say! Andrea's whole fam went, even her grandparents! They're all hard core white water rafters. Andrea and her sisters insisted on sitting in the very front, so they got soaked! We spent a day in yellowstone national park, and saw a lot of cool wildlife, geysers, and old faithful. We spent a day shopping, always fun when you are with a bunch of crazy girls! Theres pics from Island Park, Idaho. We were there a week with my fam, and had fun mountain biking, fishing, kayaking, rafting, going to the dinner theater, shopping in west yellowstone, and riding 4 wheelers! Poor Andrea drove her 4wheeler off into a ditch though! She was trying to be cautious & slow (since she drove crazy and wreckless last year, and rammed head-on into a tree and got whip lash!) that she started rolling backwards when going up a hill. The back wheel got caught, and she and the 4 wheeler fell into a 7 foot ditch, and again, right into a tree! Luckily, she was okay, just some scraped up legs, a hole in her pants, and a broken nail. Too bad no one had a camera. Weve had a great time watching the summer olympics, go USA! We got a new, big HD tv just in time. Theres pics from when we went to 7 peaks water park with Andrea's sisters when they were here,it was fun except we all burnt! I posted pics from labor day, we went up to my parents for BBQ, hot tubbing, and also ended up driving my moms new pink mo-ped around, some random pics, byu football game day pics, and some from after we went back to school shopping, and were trying on our matching Dakine backpacks. The one of Andrea is so funny because you can still see the tags on in it in the mirror. We went all out on back to school shopping this year, to reward ourselves for working hard this summer, we got a lot of good stuff. Well, we're excited to finish BYU in April! I'm working on Law School applications right now. Andrea is still going to be working full-time as an RN, and be taking classes, I'll be doing the same. The 1st football game was this Saturday, and we won! We all got sore throats from screaming so loud. It was a great kick off to the school year, and football season. We're nationally ranked again, so it should be a good season. We all went out to eat at the spaghetti factory after to celebrate. On Friday, we went to the new movie, Traitor, which was great, and then ate at Bajios, our favorite mexican restaurant. We had our marriage enhancement class together tonight (first class we've taken together so we're excited) and afterwards went on a date, to enhance our marriage, to the movie Babylon A.D., and out to eat at Red Robin...Can you tell we're trying to cut back on eating out? Haha, not going so well. Andrea is a great wife, I love her so much... she surprised me a few weeks ago with fun passes for a Carnival cruise in November. I'm stoked! I looking forward to a week long cruise,Cabo san Lucas, Ensenada, and Puerto Vallarta here we come! Well, life is great with the Nates! I figured out how to make it so you can leave comments, so please do. Happy blogging.