Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer time

So, I thought I should actually post something on our blog for a change. We've had a really fun summer so far.We went boating with my family last weekend so I've posted some pics. Andrea was so cute wake boarding, love that girl. You can check her out in the video I posted. It gets boring because I was waiting for her to biff it, but she never did. She was just too good! We even got my mom to drive, and my dad on the tube, since he got a new life vest for fathers day. Josh drove crazy when we were on the tube and flipped us off, but its okay because both him and steph fell off more times than the rest of us combined! Well, we've been to like 4 new movies recently I have this thing about going to movies on the first day they come out. Dark Knight was definately the best one. Other than that, we've just been staying busy playing sports, softball, basketball, and tennis, hanging out with friends, going to the water park, and going to the gym (since we don't have school as an excuse not to go).

Friday, August 1, 2008

Seattle Trip

We had a fun vacation in Seattle for a week in June! Of course it rained most of the time, so we kept our rain coats on. We spent a whole day down town along the water front, and ate lunch at Ivars fish bar....yummy. We visited pike's place market, and saw the men who throw the big salmon around, it was quite the sight. We also took the monorail for a stroll through downtown, it was lots of fun being up high with all the sky rises. We had a good time shopping downtown in the big city and made a lot of purchases. Okay, so I went a little crazy. Preston surprised me with dinner at the top of the space needle for our 2 year anniversary! It landed on a day that we were up there, so it worked out perfectly. It was amazing! The view was awesome, and the restaurant rotated as we ate, so we had a great view of the Pudget sound, lake Washington, and the city at night. Preston had them put a rose at our table that was waiting for me when we got there and he gave me tickets to the Kelly Clarkson concert in October , and tickets to go see Phantom Of the Opera on Broadway in Las Vegas in September! I love Kelly, and Phantom is my favorite Broadway, so they were great presents! I love you Prest! We got this ice cream dessert that was made with dry ice, so it was all smoking as we ate it. We also had a great time just hanging out with my grandparents and little sisters. My Grandparents house in right on the Pudget sound, so they have a beautiful view. I almost forgot how green Washington is, it makes Utah look quite boring and brown. We also spent a day on the beach digging for little sisters love clam digging and go crazy with it! So that was funny. We spent a day at the zoo and at the locks, and a giant peacock at the zoo kept following us around! Preston went golfing in the rain with Caitlin and my Grandpa, while the rest of us visited down town Tacoma and went to some museums. I took Preston through Kennewick, where I grew up, and drove by my old house and almost cried. It was a wonderful trip! We also went to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone in July so I will have to start posting those pics......

My 22nd Birthday! It was a great day. Preston took
me out to my favorite restaurant, Tucanos, for lunch
and it was delicious. He gave me tickets to the Jimmy
Eat World Concert, that was tons of fun! I also go
2 new seasons of One Tree Hill on DVD, one from
stephanie and one from Prest. (I'm notsure why, but we
are obsessed with that show!),
some cinemark movie tickets, and beautiful flowers!
My family sent me a cherry wood jewelry box
full of jewelry, and cash, much to my surprise! Preston's
family gave me a huge scrapbooking kit, with albums
and all! So I'm planning on joining the Utah mormon
fad and becoming an official scrapbooker! My good
friend, Jen Jenne, said she would help me get started,
since she is a scrapbooking freak, and since she even
has her own scrapbook paper company!