Monday, May 31, 2010

A day at the beach!

We had a fun weekend at the beach out on Lake Michigan! It was the first time our dog has ever been out to the beach to swim & she did such a good job! We found a dog beach where you can let your dog off their leash & they can run around & swim freely! Scrubs did so good for it being her first time swimming! I know I blog so much about our dog, but she is pretty much like our kid, so I just can't help myself!! Well, we are staying busy up in Michigan! Preston finished his first year of law school in April! He just got a job last month working for the Marriot Hotel group! He is enjoying having the summer off from law school! He is also staying busy with his 2 church callings--teaching primary & being in charge of the 11 year old boy scouts! I'm staying busy with both of my nursing jobs! In addition to my full-time job of being the nursing supervisor of a 40 bed assisted living facility, I have also taken on a PRN job working the floor at a rehab/nursing facility near our home. I've also been busy with my two church callings--playing the piano in primary, & being the visiting teaching coordinator for our ward! We have enjoyed doing yard work this spring --planting flowers, fertilizing, mowing the law,etc! We look forward to summer & spending more days at the beach!!! We hope everyone is awesome & enjoying this beautiful time of year!
Prest in his boy scout uniform.

Taking pics while we wait at the movie theatre!

My husband with his little mistress.

Kisses in the car on our way to Lansing.

Eating at the top of the Amway Grand Hotel at the Cygnus restaurant for my B-day.

Preston driving the golf cart around the course! We love our new clubs!

The follow-through of my beautiful golf swing!

Concentrating hard on his shot.

Preston loves slobbery dog kisses

Scrubs loves it when I scratch her belly!