Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tis the season....for puppy love.

If you can't tell by all the pics, we are pretty much obsessed with our puppy! She's so cute, & getting so big, I can barely pick her up anymore! She loves to chase after the neighbor kids & eat anything she can get her mouth around! She really loves her baths! We've taught her how to "sit", how to NOT BITE, & how to pee on her puppy training pads when she's in the house, instead of all over my beautiful carpet! The first few weeks I had to follow her around the house with a bottle of Resolve! We are still loving the house, yard, garage, & not having people living above or below us anymore! So, the snow has officially came to Michigan, & there is A LOT of it! Everyone tells me it stays all winter through April without ever melting! AHHH!!! Well, Preston loved his first semester of law school & did very well!! My nursing job is still plugging along! Nursing management is a lot differnt than being a floor nurse, so I'm learning a lot! Preston's fam flew out & stayed at our house for a week for Thanksgiving, which was awesome! Now we're back in Utah for a week for Christmas vacation! Its nice to have a break from work & school!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!!!!!