Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Vaca

Over this Christmas vacation we finally decided to create a blog! Preston and I are in North Dakota visiting my family after Christmas for the rest of break. We though we'd keep ourselves busy with creating this! Not that I don't love chilling with my fam, but there is only so much to do in North Dakota, and we are here for a whole week. We've pretty much just been ice skating a lot, and playing guitar hero! My family got a Wii for christmas, and guitar hero for it, and now we are hooked on it and can't stop playing! My dad gave me and preston our own guitar hero game for our playstation3 for an early birthday present for preston! We're going to stay quite busy this winter! Andrea is going to take some home and family living classes at BYU! She also just graduated from nursing school back in October and loves nursing. She will be working full-time between two jobs, one at Orem Community Hospital in surgery, and one at Orchard Park Care Center. Preston will stay busy this winter working on his degrees at the Y, working at Best Western, doing a legal internship at a local law firm, and preparing to take the LSAT in the spring! We'll also stay busy playing stake and intramural sports (we're gonna do tennis this year!), trying to work out at the gym as much as possible, playing guitar hero, playing the piano, singing in the choir, trying to ski as much as possible, and trying to stay warm! Its a good life!